Shoplinkz is a social commerce platform where you can organize everything you want to buy, discover the hottest products online and shop with Bitcoin.



Create a Mall Map

Add your favorite stores to your own Mall Map. Search, drag and drop. To remove stores, swipe out of the screen.You can even rearrange your stores in your Mall Map & customize how you shop!

Drag the “shoplink” Bookmarklet into your Bookmarks Bar

Make sure that your bookmarks are displayed in your bookmarks bar in your browser.

Clicking this newly added shoplink bookmarklet will allow you to save a product from any online store to one of your lists.

create list

Create Lists

You can create a list according to a product category and give it any name you choose.

Shop With Bitcoin

Discover the hottest products on the web that you can buy with Bitcoin. Shoplinkz is a leading social commerce platform with an integrated Crypto Marketplace. We are constantly aggregating and curating the best products and stores that accept BTC. If your eCommerce store accepts BTC, we want to hear from you so please contact us.

Shop With Bitcoin

Search Products and Stores

search for products

discover new products

Browse Products by Category and Discover New Products

Once you’ve created your first lists, get started by browsing Products by category and check out what’s featured & trending on the home page.

Shoplink Products & Stores

Shoplink a product from any site on the web using the “shoplink” bookmarklet. You can also Shoplink any product or store on our site by clicking the “shoplink” button. When you Shoplink a product from any website, you will automatically be following that store and it will be added to your Stores section in your profile. Organize all of your Lists, Shoplinkz, and Stores on your profile to customize how you shop.

shoplink product

like and comment

Like and Comment on Products

Engage with your friends and other users. Tell them how much you love their shoplinkz!

Follow your Friends and Shop Socially

Shopping alone is not near as fun. Follow and invite your friends to shop with you. You can share Lists and Shoplinkz with one another!

follow other shoppers


Jonathan Stephens, Co-Founder & CEO

Jonathan was most recently the Designer, Creative Director and CEO of TIMEBANDITS, a line of retro sweatband watches, urban vinyl toys, and comics. Prior to launching TIMEBANDITS, Jonathan worked as a photographer on the hit television series “The X-Files” for 20th Century Fox. He graduated from the USC School of Cinema-Television.

Jess Shanahan, Co-Founder / Community & Social Media

Jess is a full time blogger, freelance journalist and social media manager. She manages the Shoplinkz community and is the director of Jet Social, an agency providing marketing services to businesses and charities. Jess can often be found out and about taking photos, tapping away on her iPad and eating out with gorgeous, stylish people. She loves Formula One, shoes, writing, road trips, and things that scare her.

Voloshin Ruslan, CTO

Ruslan comes from an experienced background with former positions at Comodo Group, OnApp, and the government. He has over 13 years of developing software products of varying complexity including hosting management systems, billing systems, and cloud computing platforms.

Takuei Terao, VP Japan

Takuei has spent 7 years in Los Angeles as a top fashion wholesale / retail distributor for major brands in the U.S. and Japan. His vast experience in distribution and marketing U.S. brands in Japan has led to successful brand launches that have secured celebrity endorsements and placement in thousands of retailers including top department stores and high end boutiques. Takuei continues to work as a consultant on distribution rights, launching brands, and executing PR campaigns in the U.S., Japan, and Asia.

Rob Austin, Advisor

Rob has spent over 15 years working with blue chip Fortune 500 companies such as The Walt Disney Company and Johnson and Johnson. His specific focus is in strategic business development and opening new markets/segments. He graduated from the USC Marshall School of Business.

If you have any questions or want to give us some feedback so we can make Shoplinkz a better experience for you, send us an email at send us an email.

We’d love to hear from you!

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