Create your own Shoplinkz Sales Channel with Shopify! Sell your own products directly to our Shoplinkz community and increase your business.

  • Reach new shoppers

    Sell your own products directly to our Shoplinkz community to increase your business.

  • Add Products with a few clicks

    It's that easy. Simply import your entire Shopify catalog to Shoplinkz.

  • Join ths S-Commerce economy

    Social commerce is the fastest-growing driver of e-commerce referrals: b/t 2016 and 2018 click-through traffic from social jumped by 110%

How it Works

  • The Shoplinkz Sales Channel... currently this sales is only available to U.S. sellers.
  • When you install the Shoplinkz Sales Channel, we will review your submission and your Shopify store inventory will automatically import your products to our Shoplinkz marketplace which will then display your products in a list under your own Store.
  • After we have reviewed and accepted your application, we will notify you and your products will be made available for purchase on Shoplinkz
  • Every order that is placed on Shoplinkz will be sent directly to your Shopify dashboard for fulfillment.

About Shoplinkz

Sell on Shoplinkz and grow your business. We built the Shoplinkz Sales Channel to help Shopify retailers reach new active shoppers and grow their business. When you install this sales channel, you will be able to list and sell your products directly to Shoplinkz users. Our mission is to help you increase new customers, engage with our thriving social commerce community and build more brand exposure.

What is Shoplinkz?

Shoplinkz is a social commerce platform where you can organize everything you want to buy, discover the hottest products online and shop with Bitcoin. For brands & retailers, Shoplinkz is a platform where you can share & sell your products to our growing community of savvy shoppers.

Shoplinkz Features

  • Use our Shoplinkz bookmarklet to save a product from any online store to one of your lists.
  • Create lists: you can create a list according to a product category and give it any name you choose.
  • Shop with Bitcoin
  • Search products and stores
  • Browse products by category and discover new products
  • Shoplinkz products and stores
  • Like and comment on products
  • Follow your friends and shop socially
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